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Categorical Logic


Spring 2022

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This course focuses on applications of category theory in logic. A leading idea is functorial semantics, according to which a model of a logical theory is a set-valued functor on a structured category determined by the theory. This gives rise to a syntax-invariant notion of a logical theory and introduces many algebraic methods into logic, leading naturally to the universal and other general models that distinguish functorial from classical semantics. The lambda-calculus, for example, is treated via cartesian closed categories. Similarly higher-order logic is modelled by the categorical notion of a topos. Using sheaves, topos theory subsumes Kripke semantics for modal and intuitionistic logics. And locally cartesian closed categories provide semantics for dependent type theories. Time permitting, we may consider Martin-L"of type theory and its recent extension to Homotopy type theory.


80-413/713 Category Theory or equivalent.





Grades will be based on 4 problem sets and a presentation in class, with a brief written report.

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